Are there any restrictions?

Archery is a very inclusive sport; we can get pretty much anyone shooting.

  1. We encourage juniors but we can't accept less than 8 years old on our beginner's courses. However an exception may be made by the coach if he/she are satisfied that they can pull the bow safely.
  2. Juniors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times. This is in line with our clubs Child protection Policy.

We do need to know about any previous injuries, particularly to your upper body so please include this on your booking form or speak to your course leader before you start.

Do I need special insurance?

Our governing body (Archery GB) covers insurance for the beginners course, but if you want to keep shooting after that, you must become a member of Archery GB and the regional body Archery NI (and hopefully a club too, City of Belfast Archers in particular). You can alternatively decide to join Archery Ireland, however you will still need to join Archery NI and will not be able to compete for medals at any Archery GB event.

Do I need any special equipment?

City of Belfast Archers will provide all the equipment you need for the course. We just need you to bring yourselves with suitable clothing. For outdoor courses, these run regardless of the weather so you need to stay warm and dry. We ask that your clothing be not too baggy, especially around arms and upper body. You will need to wear suitable shoes or boots (no open toed footwear will be allowed) and that long hair is tied back.

I’m not very strong, can I still shoot?

Archery is not about upper body strength, it is all about correct technique. It is effectively the elimination of variables, so consistency is far more important than strength.

What happens after my beginner's course?

Once you have completed a beginner’s course and met the minimum safety standards, you are welcome to join the club. See the Membership Fees page for details of the fees and available concessions.

Our fees cover City of Belfast Archers club membership, regional and national membership (including Archery GB, our governing body who provide our insurance). We will give you more information at your final session on what happens next.

Finally we ask that you do not buy any equipment prior to the course. Our coaches will advise at the end of the course what equipment will be suitable for your needs.